Packages and Pricing

The Senior Portrait: $2,500

The Senior Portrait captures family lore, personal history, and the essence of the storyteller.


  • Oral history interview with individual or couple, filmed in home or location of choice

  • Ninety minutes of artfully edited video vignettes, delivered as a digital file in duplicate on two custom made USB drives. Each vignette is eight to ten minutes in length, bookended with archival family photos, and focused on a specific theme explored in the oral interview (childhood, family, life’s work, and more)  

  • A private online link to the completed Portrait for easy sharing with family and friends

Digital Photo Archives: $850 (60 Photos) or $1,000 (80 Photos)

The Digital Photo Archive provides context, organization, and archival preservation for family photos that are currently living in albums, drawers, and shoeboxes.


  • Two hour in-home session with senior and other family members to select, review, and gain context for photos (names, places, identifying information).

  • Scanning and archival of sixty photos, including file names with identifying information (names of subjects, family connections).

  • Archival key document, saved digitally with images on two custom USB drives, that catalogs each photo’s subjects and location; document may also include contextual information

Digital Photo Archive (60 photos) can be added to a Senior Portrait for an additional $500.